The REMY Raglan top - hacked into a dress.

The REMY Raglan top - hacked into a dress.

I made the Remy raglan top by Sew House Seven Patterns and loved the whole process. Her patterns are so well written, easily explained and I just knew that I wanted to live in this top all summer...but in a dress!

From the top I made, I just measured from the finished hem down to where I wanted it to land, added 2 more inches for good measure and then added that to bodice pattern. There is always a length marking on any good pattern for lengthening and shortening a pattern. The hem of the Remy dips down in the front and back so I straightened that out for a simple clean hem line. I also brought the waist in about a half inch on either side so the dress was not so boxy...I like a little bit of shape :)

I had some cotton double weave fabric by Blackbird Fabrics that matched the current collection I was dyeing up so I went to work and I am pretty happy about the way it all turned out....except I wish I added pockets.

I had recently received a new bundle of dyes from Dharma Trading Co. "Black Cherry" sampled up so nice so I was excited to get to work exploring how it melted down in all my favourite folding techniques. I'm a big fan of the centre-tie as it really separates out all the colours and the bleed is so random and full of surprises. 

I take my time cutting out the pattern with my fabric. This is where the fun lies. I get to look at all the funky details and decide where to place them on my garment.

Double weave cotton is not the easiest fabric to sew with and I probably recommend sewing a few simple tops with it before tackling anything too advanced. This pattern uses french seams which I found a little tricky with the double weave but I persevered and I am happy I did. A very nice, clean professional finish.

The Remy Raglan is a great make. Not too simple, but not too finicky. The perfect canvas for my dyes. Now just waiting for the weather to warm up so i can wear it! Did I mention I wish I had added pockets.....

I made a reel for my IG. head over to @francesfelt to check it out!

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