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Wear it well

Welcome to Frances Felt! I am a textile artist and designer, specializing in hand felting and small batch dyeing. I make one-of-a-kind accessories that never go out of style. The kind of pieces that can ignite a conversation and be passed along to the next beautiful generation. No matter what the event, you will always wear it well…

felting a shawl in studio copy.JPG

"I always enjoy combining contrasting textures to create intimate surfaces for the eyes to feast upon. My line of shawls combines the lightness of silk chiffon and the warmth and density of merino wool felt. This gives a sense of movement contrasted with stability and warmth, laced with luminescence and style combined with artistry. The imagery is graphically based nestling bold designs within subtle textures and tones. Thru the felt process and the seemingly random surface design, my work is based in a technique that is very much grounded in a hands-on philosophy. This allows me to maintain a unique, one-of-a-kind approach in all my pieces."


The growing creative community is proof to me that what matters are the humble details, the desire for the human touch in our fast paced world and empathy for the creative soul. I am proud to be apart of this creative community, producing clothes and accessories for women, since 2003.

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