Indigo Scarf // tribal // large

Indigo Scarf // tribal // large


Beautiful lightweight Indigo scarves. These are made from 100% cotton. So light and airy, perfect for summer nights, patio socials, birthday gifts, around-the-house comfort…you name it.

These scarves are made in-house form a beautiful light weight India cotton. They are bound with a rolled hem and tagged with a small Frances Felt label.

Each scarf is individually bound, shibori resist style and then hand dipped in an Indigo Dye Vat. The dipping happens 2-3 times to achieve the dark indigo colour we all love. Each scarf is a one-of-a-kind- piece. The image of the full scarf being help up is the scarf you will receive.

Size: 42” x 66” // 107cm x 168cm

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