"Desert Blooms" - Ice-Dyed collection

"Desert Blooms" - Ice-Dyed collection

The desert is the exact opposite to where I live. Dry, dusty, small vegetation. Here on the West Coast everything is in your face. Huge trees, lakes, oceans, green, green everywhere green with so much moisture. It's beautiful. But when I am craving something different, heading to the desert seems like the right thing to do. It makes me stop and look for the beauty; the small blooms and the hidden gems hiding in the drought.

I loved making this collection. The dye splits beautifully and the colours are just sublime. Almost edible! The process can be very unpredictable but always  successful. This is my favourite part of surface design. Once you understand your medium, you can let the process take over and be reassured that the results will be what you are looking for. 

Check out the 4 pieces below. All the same fabric, one single dye but each piece was manipulated differently. Small variations like the amount of ice I use and how heavy-handed I was with the dye in certain areas all account for the variations. This also speaks to the quality of the dye powder and I mostly use Procion MX from Dharma Trading

I made the Core Closet (FREE pattern) t-shirt with this french terry fabric and it pairs perfectly with jeans. It's a great pattern, very easy to sew. Perfect for beginners looking to work with knits. It's a casual look with a very fun visual front panel. And! my favourite new invention The French Terry T-shirt!! Perfect for cooler months. I am very much a t-shirt girl so having a warmer option is perfect. Very soft and cosy...and beautiful. I am ready to elevate my t-shirt game.

t-shirt silhouette cut out of fabricwoman wearing a brown t-shirt with painterly front panel 

Happy sewing!



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