The "Soft Romance" Collection

The "Soft Romance" Collection

The "Soft Romance Collection" evokes the early pops of spring colour that starts among the winter remains of the earth. Nothing is more delightful than coming out of the dark sleepy winter months and seeing the signs of Spring poping up in my garden. If gives me hope and excitement for the warmer months ahead. 

I had a friends birthday coming up so I decided to make her something special out of this collection. I chose the Milo Cardigan by Seamwork. I am somewhat new to the digital PDF sewing patterns and I am absolutely loving them. The process becomes quite simple once you have done it a few times. I love how I can decide on a garment pattern and have it on my cutting table in minutes. I live in a small town so this is a great freedom for me.

Once I have the pattern pieces glued and cut out then I can decide where I want to place it on my fabric. I spend quite a bit of time on this part just to get all the important details highlighted on the garment. 

I love pairing the colour explosions of my fabric with some neutral fabrics. It highlights the patterns and colours yet the garment is not too overwhelming. Christy wears the Milo cardigan quite well I think! And it even matches her coffe mug, win win!

Happy sewing!


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