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The Studio Sketchbook

  • What is Shibori?

    You’ve heard me throw around this word SHIBORI many times and always in conjuncture with INDIGO. What on earth does it mean?? Well…let me tell you it is one of my favourite “things”…but it’s not really a thing. It’s an action, a verb actually.
  • WHAT are Snack Bags and HOW do I use them?

    What are snack bags and how do I use them? These stylish and practical little snack bags are the perfect solution to our fast paced lifestyles.
  • What is INDIGO dye and how does it work?

    An introduction to the ancient art of indigo dyeing. A quick explanation of what it is and where it comes from.
  • How to sew your own reusable 3 layer cloth mask

    How to sew your own reusable mask. After 2 years of serious mask making and designing, I am now sharing my pattern in case you are interested in making your own one day.