The Fiore Skirt with Tencel Viscose Fabric

The Fiore Skirt with Tencel Viscose Fabric

I finally made the Fiore skirt by Closet Core Patterns!

I love wrap skirts and this is a good one. It is a perfect way to showcase my new Tencel Viscose fabrics. The right side panel that holds a pocket is just perfect for a feature fabric. There are a few tricks to this pattern that I will share below but first the dyeing...

I have a new method for ice dyeing that I am very excited about. I have these old drawers (from IKEA I think) that are the perfect size for pushing fabric through. I use the end of a mixing spoon and I just push the fabric through a few inches. I go randomly all around until the fabric is all arranged "perfectly". 

I add the ice and then the dye powder.  After the melt and batching time all the dye runs down the little funnels creating these amazing explosions of colours.

The Tencel Viscose fabric takes the dye amazingly. And I just love this fabric. The drape is perfect for summer skirts and dresses and anything you want to have a nice swish. Enter the Fiore skirt!

I went for a lower waist line and a higher hem line but other than that I didn't change a thing. 

The few tricks I would highly recommend with this pattern is to staystitch the pocket and the front edges cut on the bias. I am pretty sure the pattern recommends this but did I listen...? no. Anyways still turned out great but the pocket swings out a bit more than I like.

 Happy sewing!


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