My Story

Frances Felt - Textiles Studio


Frances Felt Textiles Studio is 20 years in the making. It’s a company founded on my love of textiles, sewing and the creative process. In my early 20’s I travelled the world. Everywhere I went I was drawn to the clothing of the indigenous people. The processes and the traditions that they used to achieve such vibrant looks and elaborate details were enchanting. I went back to school and received my BFA in textiles ready to share my new skills with the world. Canada needed more fashion based in craft. I started Frances Felt and enjoyed many years producing clothing and accessories that were detailed with my hand-crafted fabrics.                             

In 2017 I found my studio practice again. I rediscovered ice-dyeing, indigo dyeing and natural dyeing. (Oh but wait!….A global pandemic hit in 2020. I sold reusable masks for 2 years across Canada in the 1000s. I redesigned and redesigned that mask into what I believe to be the perfect protective face mask!)                                                           

And NOW… I am happy to be shifting back to my natural state of being, a textile designer. Marks on cloth, colour theory, fabric alchemy, shape and texture. It's the process of it all that I love. It's this play that I want to bring to your garments.

As a sewer I loved the idea of making my project a little bit more special by including some hand-crafted fabric. This is my elevate your make!