The "Midnight Peonies" Collection

The "Midnight Peonies" Collection

Ice-dyeing is such a fun and exploratory process. It requires a bit of know-how, a bit of throwing caution-to-the-wind and a lot of patience! I have lots of the first 2, not so much of the last one. But yes, I do have to wait for all this ice to melt...and then a whole 24 hrs to let it batch (this means sitting there in a nice warm temperature letting the chemistry between the dye molecules and the fibre react allowing the colour to bond permanently).  

The "Midnight Peonies" collection uses a dye called "Dances with Raisins". Such a fun name! Not much dye is needed but the colour splitting is so dramatic and satisfying. Dark and moody but the colour purple is so playful and the movement on these pieces just reminds me so much of the very top heavy peonies swaying in the gentle evening breezes

I decided to make myself another Toaster sweater by Sew House Seven. I just love this pattern! I live in a cold climate during the winter months and am constantly looking for everyday warmth. This sweater is like a t-shirt to me. I just throw it on with jeans and I am good to go! It is a very easy and satisfying sew. The Bamboo french terry makes it not too thick but still buttery soft, casual but not lazy casual :) 

I chose the all-over-pattern fabric vs. a directional flow pattern. It just gives you an idea of how this design can be used as an added detail as opposed to the central focus of the garment. 

I strongly encourage you to try sewing up a Toaster. Below shows you how it looks with my ice-dyed fabric as the centre piece. 

Happy sewing!


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